Dresser Mirrors

Dresser Mirrors

Having a mirror atop your dresser is a convenient solution. If you’re looking for a stylish dresser mirror, we offer several designs including antique gold, matte white, and satin silver. Our Amarone series mirrors have a hand-finished solid wood arched frame. For a more intricate and extensive crown molding, we have the Blenheim Dresser Mirror. A wood-frame arch mirror is available as well.

Dresser mirrors are designed to complement your furnishings. They can be as wide as you want, as long as they’re not wider than the furniture, but in general should be around two-thirds to three-quarters its width. At this level, the mirror creates a visual balance.

Of course, there are dressers with mirrors attached. We offer simpler solutions that provide function and style while being easy to mount. The designs go with just about any décor or furnishing so you can mix and match as you please.

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