Design HIS Dream Room for Back to School 


Our design team has been hard at work, creating our COLOR OF LIVING COLLECTIONS for teens and college students to have the opportunity to start the new school year with a room that allows them to refresh, relax, and focus. Our colorful palettes and numerous designs were carefully planned out across all product categories, to allow each teens personality and inner style to shine throughout their room.

Our Repositionable Wallpaper is perfect for Dorm Rooms or a Quick UPdate at home, as it does not damage the surface underneath and can be easily taken down and moved to a new location and reused.  NOT JUST FOR WALLS either .....ideal solution for bringing an old desk or dresser back to life, and lifts boring bookshelves to a new level!! 

Rugs, Runners, and Mats are designed to compliment all collections, and great for bathmats, rugs or runners next to bed and throughout living spaces in the Dorm.  Best of all,  they are made from a vinyl surface/2-ply, non-skid backing, making them easy to clean and disinfect, and no need to vacuum!

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes - Cheval self standing mirrors are great for a smaller room, reflecting light and space, making everything seem larger.   Wall mirrors and decorative accent mirrors are a perfect way to bring in decorative style, as well as,  functional when space is limited in a shared dormitory bathroom. 

Our "Artful Lighting" Collection is available now for Pre-order, and will be fully launched onsite by Aug 21st.  Our bases and shades are interchangeable, and compliment all the colors and design aesthetics of the other product categories. Table and desk lamps, Ceiling Pendant and Chandeliers, Wall Sconces  and Floor Lamps.


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