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We manufacture a wide collection of mirrors including popular designs and high-quality options. We offer full length, leaner, dresser, and wall mirrors under our SBC Decor and Selections by Chaumont brands. Whether you’re shopping for decorative mirror designs ideas, bathroom vanity mirrors or a vintage wall mirror, you can find one in our extensive inventory.

If you're in the industry, we offer custom design services to our trade partners. Our industry expertise allows us to meet any design needed to match your preferred style and décor. We offer wholesale and designer pricing to make any mirror in our collection affordable.

We can accommodate your needs for a single mirror and handle volume mirror projects. Just submit your ideas and our professional designers can work with your specifications to create a mirror design that represents your property and brand. Our team has worked with home builders, architects, design firms, hospitality businesses, dropshippers, and more. 

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Dropshipping Suppliers Home Decor

If you are looking for home décor dropshipping companies then we are have a number of premium and custom options that make us an excellent partner. Shipping is a problem faced by many US based dropshippers. However, our central Fort Worth, Texas location allows us to ship much faster to US based customers making us an excellent choice to help dropship home décor in the USA. Contact us to find out more about how we can help supply your dropshipping site with quality home décor items. 

Full Length Mirrors

A full length mirror is much taller than it is wide. It is usually tall enough for a person to see their full height. It also reflects more light and more of a room to make the space seem larger.

Dimensions may look something like 19 x 60 inches, as are our Mayfair Belle Full Length Mirror and Maissance Full Length Mirror. Our Trinity Cheval collection is 18 x 65.13 inches. In addition to their height, our full length mirror collections have attractive design features such as elegant overlay patterns and gold, silver, or matte frames.

Full length mirrors can be mounted in different ways. They can be leaned against a wall if you so choose or fitted with hardware on a wall or over a door. A freestanding mirror may not need any type of support as it is designed to stand all on its own.

Leaner Mirrors

A leaner mirror has a large surface area, which allows it to reflect a significant amount of light. Its height makes it ideal for small spaces. When the mirror is positioned properly in relation to sunlight, it can make a room seem larger than life.

This mirror also reduces the need for artificial light. The light reflected can provide enough illumination so additional light fixtures aren’t needed, which also saves energy. At the same time, you get a full reflection to help you get ready for the day.

While a leaner mirror can be tilted against a wall, it can easily slide on smooth floors and carpeting. It’s therefore best to attach the mirror to a wall anchor. Our leaner mirrors, which include satin silver, matte, antique gold, and other styles, feature mounting hardware to make hanging your mirror easy.

Dresser Mirrors

Having a mirror atop your dresser is a convenient solution. If you’re looking for a stylish dresser mirror, we offer several designs including antique gold, matte white, and satin silver. Our Amarone series mirrors have a hand-finished solid wood arched frame. For a more intricate and extensive crown molding, we have the Blenheim Dresser Mirror. A wood-frame arch mirror is available as well.

Dresser mirrors are designed to complement your furnishings. They can be as wide as you want, as long as they’re not wider than the furniture, but in general should be around two-thirds to three-quarters its width. At this level, the mirror creates a visual balance.

Of course, there are dressers with mirrors attached. We offer simpler solutions that provide function and style while being easy to mount. The designs go with just about any décor or furnishing so you can mix and match as you please.

Wall Mirrors

We have an extensive selection of wall mirrors. Our designs range from the classic look of vintage wall mirrors to arched windowpane, round/circular, cathedral arched, and elegant overlay mirrors. Oval, arched, nautical, sunflower, and tray metal style mirrors are also available.

Frame materials include metal, matte, and even rope. Solid, textured, and woven rose gold frame styles are featured on our products. The diverse selection of materials and patterns means you can find a wall mirror that is perfectly suited for any room.

Our wall mirrors are available in a range of sizes as well. They can be selected to complement the overall décor of a room or as a grand centerpiece for your bedroom or living area. Whether you’re looking for a classic or modern design, we have a diverse inventory so you can choose in any way that works for you.

How to Choose a Mirror

When deciding on a mirror, there are three main factors to consider—size, shape, and style.

  • Size: Determine what the mirror’s intended function will be. If it is to be a showpiece, the mirror must be large enough to stand out. How much of the room do you want to reflect? Do you just want to add a small accent? Smaller mirrors are better for accompanying furniture or specific types of décor. But even small mirrors can be grouped together to create a focal point.
  • Shape: A mirror’s shape can contribute to the ambience of a room. Horizontal mirrors help a room feel longer and draws the eye across the wall. Vertical shapes bring the eye up and create the illusion of height. Square, rectangle, or other angular shapes create order and define a classic or traditional style. For a softer feel, a round or curved frame will do; modern looks include star, sunburst, diamond, and geometric shapes.
  • Style: Many mirrors come with ornate or eclectic frames. These help define their style, but a frameless mirror can add elegance too. If you’re looking for something more rustic, wood mirror frames can achieve this. Glass provides a sleek, modern look while metal can be luxurious or add some edge to your décor. Mirrors can be chosen to reflect an existing style or create an accent and therefore a new vibe.

The right mirror depends on the character of your interior space, your own design preferences, and the reason for adding a mirror in the first place. Having an idea helps when shopping. However, just browsing a large selection of different mirrors can provide inspiration you didn’t expect.

Why Shop at SBC Decor?

SBC Decor was launched as a decorative mirror company in 2015. Our product lines and collections represent numerous design styles. We can therefore appeal to people with diverse preferences and tastes. Working with retail, hospitality, and design businesses, we can also cater to individual homeowners who find our products irresistible.

Our team works with many different trades and provides custom design and product development services for trade/industry partners requiring volume mirror projects. We’ve completed projects for hotels, country clubs, and assisted living centers among other businesses. View our custom orders page to learn more.

Feel free to browse our extensive inventory if looking for a leaner, dresser, or vintage wall mirror or other products in our collections.

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