How To Decorate Your Kitchen with a Mirror

How To Decorate Your Kitchen with a Mirror

Feb 3rd 2016

kitchen mirrors

We all know that mirrors are an easy way to decorate your living space, but they can also be used to decorate your kitchen! A properly placed mirror can not only increase the natural light in your kitchen, but also open up a small space and add dimension to your backsplash or countertops! Here are 3 ways to enhance your kitchen with a mirror.

mirrors as a window substitution

Although most of us would prefer a kitchen with large windows, that’s not always the case in smaller homes or apartments. Instead of a large window, try using a large square mirror with a thick border on your blank wall. The mirror and the thick border will give you the illusion of a framed out window. Get the look using SBC’s decorative mirror in Heritage, Waterford, and Lancaster!

1. Selections by Chaumont Heritage Champagne Bevelled Mirror

2. Selections by Chaumont Waterford Ribbed Champagne Mirror

3. Selections by Chaumont Lancaster Antique Pewter Open Framework Mirror

using mirror as backdrop

Behind the stove or behind open shelving can be dark areas in your kitchen. Remedy this darkness by adding a mirror above the stove and behind the open shelving. The mirror will not only create light, but also make those small spaces appear bigger. Get the look with SBC’s decorative mirrors in Belgravia, Classic Beaded, and Chelsea!

3 mirror options

1. Selections by Chaumont Belgravia Silver Large Rectangular Mirror

2. Selections by Chaumont Classic Beaded Silver Mirror

3. Selections by Chaumont Chelsea Champagne Rectangle Mirror

statement piece mirrors

Decorative mirrors are usually used as statement pieces in the living room and bedroom, but they can also be used in the kitchen! Add a little interest to your kitchen by hanging a statement mirror above your sink or stove. The decorative mirror will not only spice up your kitchen, but it will also add dimension to a basic backdrop or countertop. Get the look using SBC’s decorative mirrors in Sandringham, Silver Petals and Oxford!

three wall mirrors

1. Selections by Chaumont Sandringham Antique White Decorative Mirror

2. Selections by Chaumont Silver Petals Oval Wall Mirror

3.Selections by Chaumont Oxford Elegant Mirror

With these tips, your kitchen is sure to impress! Let us know your favorite way to decorate your kitchen!

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