Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Registry: A Selection's By Chaumont Mirror

Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Registry: A Selection's By Chaumont Mirror

Published by Selections By Chaumont on Mar 10th 2017

Spring wedding season is in the air and it seems like gift registries just aren't cutting it anymore. All of the other invited guests beat you to the good affordable gifts. Before you know it you're left with super expensive Swarovski Crystal encrusted silverware, or boring ol' Tupperware. Unforgettable right? (Well probably not the silverware!) Well here's a gift that the bride and groom will be sure to never forget!

What better gift to give than a mirror? But let's get specific, a Selections By Chaumont mirror! Our mirrors are so unique and different from the ones you've come across anywhere else. Our mirrors are imported from the UK, and China. Our collections range from different shapes, sizes, and colors so make sure to browse thoroughly to find the perfect mirror for the newlyweds. Here are a few of our favorites!

gift a leaner mirror

three ornate mirrors

Mirrors featured above, left to right: ( Arabella Leaner MirrorBlenheim Leaner MirrorMayfair Antique Silver Leaner Mirror)

These mirrors are perfect for the bedroom, their large size opens up the room and can make the room look bigger and more spacious. You can be sure these mirrors will be put to use everyday!

Jazz up a living room

three wall mirrors

Mirrors featured above, left to right: ( Chelsea Champagne Rectangle MirrorCasa Ornate Oval Antique White MirrorRectangular Marrakesh Mirror)

These mirrors are perfect to place on a wall in someone's living room. It adds decoration to a wall without making it look messy and disorganized. You can also choose between different styles and different colors to match the color scheme of the living room!

Which ever mirror you choose will be elegant and beautiful in the newlyweds home! We believe that the best and most memorable gift is a mirror from Selections By Chaumont!